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About Missy

A Journey In HOPE

A graduate of Texas A&M University, former PR consultant Missy Herndon became a stay-at-home mom and social editor/writer while her boys were young.

Her journey changed paths when her son Will was diagnosed with juvenile Batten disease and given a fatal prognosis. In 2009, Missy and her husband Wayne co-founded the Will Herndon Research fund. The fund has raised $4.7 million to date in The Woodlands community and continues raising awareness and funds to find a treatment to save Will.

In 2012, Missy went back to the workforce, landing a dream job at Interfaith of The Woodlands,, as Director of Programs and Services. She was promoted to the role of President and CEO of Interfaith of The Woodlands and Interfaith Community Clinic in 2016.

Today, Missy spends her days serving others in the community she loves and calls home, The Woodlands, Texas. She is passionate about her family, friends and helping neighbors in need. The center of her world is her husband of 18 years, Wayne, and their three boys, Will, Steele and Magnus. Missy hopes this blog will inspire others to make positive change in their communities and be the light no matter the situation.


The Will Herndon Research Fund

Imagine being told your seemingly healthy six year old son has a rare, degenerative brain disease, that you have never heard of, that was stealing his vision and would eventually rob him of his mobility, speech and cognitive skills and life. A genetic disease called juvenile Batten that had no treatment, no cure and is always fatal. Missy and Wayne Herndon received this diagnosis in June of 2009 for their son Will.  The Will Herndon Research Fund was created in August of that same year through a partnership with The Benson Family and Beyond Batten Disease Foundation with a vision of a shared mission: Eradicate Batten Disease and find a treatment within their children’s lifetime.

So today, 8 years later, The Herndons continue raising critical funding and awareness for the disease in their hometown of The Woodlands with a goal to SAVE WILL and the hundreds of other children like him.  Will you help?

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