I wish he could see. 
I wish he could see my love for him. 
I wish he could see our eyes light up when he speaks. 
I wish he could see my smile, showing happy I am that he is next to me. 
I wish he could see, our eyes are the same color green. 
I wish he could see when he looks at my face, so he can see me look back at him. 

I hope he understands how hard we continue to fight for him. 

Will he ever know how he has impacted our lives? How he inspires us to do more, be better, live well and share HOPE? 

I know he feels our love, his eyes light up when we speak. 
I know he’s happy, he smiles from morning to night.
I know he believes in hope, he wears on his arm, his chest and in his heart.

He will never drive, attend college, have a family or be the zookeeper he dreamed of being. 

That has not proven to be a part of his purpose, nor his legacy.

Is it possible, Will is here to show us HOW TO simply and beautifully love. Innocently and perfectly, laugh, love, and believe in the most impossible of possibilities. 

Our quarantine has taken most of us away (other than our work) from everyone and everything. Our world, for the most part, is the 5 of us, in our home. It’s Will’s world most days, in non-quarantine times. School and home, therapy, family and a few close family friends. His zoo, his dogs, his stuffed animals. His world is simple, beautiful and made up of the things most important in life to him. 

When you strip everything away, even sight and cognitive and mobility issues, I hope you feel like Will:  surrounded by the people and things that make you FEEL loved and comforted. That your smile is big, your hugs are bigger, your eyes light up and HOPE is shown through every action. As the majority begins to move back into certainty and a stable world…I hope you will remember, those who live with fear and uncertainty every day.  Who live in semi quarantine, who are confined in bodies or situations that most cannot imagine. 

I wish you could see how he looks at us, through sightless eyes 
I wish you could see the perspective terminal has put in our lives. 
I wish you could feel the love he shares to all who know him, I mean really know him.
I wish you the beautiful simplicity and amazing love like only Will Herndon has taught us to see and feel.